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Language Learner and Avid Traveler. Travel Advisor & Advocate of Wholesome Healing. Tiny Home & Minimal Living. Ghostwriter.

Mental Health Matters - It’s not a mental illness, but a lifestyle of growing mental resilience.

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Years ago I walked into a season of my life that became one of the most challenging yet. As with most difficult seasons, they often come in the most unexpected ways. In a world revolving around a mentality of work-more-to-earn-more or, earn-more-to-succeed-more, it is easy to take the health of body and of mind for granted. For myself, the lessons life taught me in the hardest of life seasons made an imprint on my wellbeing that transcends into every environment. …

I made three major adjustments.

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The concept of minimalism. Never did I think in all my growing years I would come to not just love, but crave, the essence of this word during times of stress.

The years of growing and moving into my own young adulthood life led me to the realization that there was always something more I wanted or craved. The feeling of if-I-just-had-this-one-thing-everything-would-be-perfect is quickly fading.

It is an allusive idea, especially in a material-heavy world.

How I Interpret Minimalism

Many who have known me can see my story play out before their eyes, and understand the natural shift towards a more simplistic lifestyle.


How to hold a high standard when working from home, and be your best self.

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As working from home quickly transitioned into the new normal within a post-Covid-19 world, it is clear when looking back on the growth that once felt like a tunnel with no light has had a significant impact on us all. The drastic and sudden change of pace brought on at the onset of the pandemic presented challenges uniquely tailored to environments many of us had little, to no, experience working within in the context of our careers.

At the onset of the pandemic, virtual working environments were seen to be temporary and short-lived. Over time, these momentary shifts became more…

4 surprising benefits I never knew but wish I did

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When I began my journey to natural healing, the lifestyle adjustments were plenty. Essential oils graced their presence in my life via friends and loved ones. As time passed I found myself moving from the morning cup of warm water and lemon essential oil, and diffusing for purification and overall wellness of the mind, towards discovering the healing properties of gut health many oils had to share. I began incorporating oils like peppermint, ginger, and turmeric into my everyday routine to heal a faulty digestive tract that had not been valued throughout the years of traveling and living abroad.


The Importance of Loving Yourself Before Loving Others

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If you could press pause, rewind ten years before now, offer yourself one piece of advice on relationships, and then press play again in current, what would you say?

If I could rewind 10 years back to my college freshman self, I would tell myself that yes, dating is great and exciting. Keep it up — but then I would go one step further to remind freshman me that the uncomfortable, confidence-crushing moments of relationships won’t break you.

If they do, press in.

If anything has consistently transcended into every area of my life it is this — that those…

Why going minimal worked for me

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It’s no secret shifting trends towards downsizing, making more with less, pursuing quality over quantity, and living consciously within our daily routines have become welcomed priorities of many all around the world. For me, this has been a journey of small and incremental changes, unfolding before my eyes over the years in a beautiful and unexpected way. In full transparency, living minimally was something that began as a technique for creating convenience within a lifestyle of constant moving and transitioning. Over time, this easy out for convenience over stuff if you will, evolved into something filled with much deeper meaning…

Tips to keep up the miles during rainy summer months

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Whether you run for a hobby, sport, health, or all of the above, you are likely familiar with the unfortunate timing of being caught miles out into a run, with a torrential downpour above. Here in the south, these rainy months are the norm spring through fall. Developing a plan to outsmart the weather, no matter your geographic location, is difficult to perfect; some would argue, impossible. …

“Lost in translation” and the significance of its impact on our everyday routines.

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As a second language learner for many years now, I have become increasingly aware of just how big an impact communication can play on the everyday success of our interactions.

Interpretation (spoken) and translation (written) are but two ways we often regulate the intake and output of words. Some would say that interpreting, as with translation, can be accurately assumed to be more fundamentally described as the art of paraphrasing. It is of utmost importance to possess knowledge of the subject at hand in order to thoughtfully participate in an active, and accurate, exchange between two individuals. …

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Thailand. One of the most beautifully diverse environments I have had the privilege of visiting. For those of you who have had the privilege of experiencing a taste of its beauty, get ready for a read that will ignite your senses of heart-warming memories. For those of you have who not yet had the time to check this destination off your list, grab a pen, your Pinterest, or whatever other platform that suits your preferences, and get ready to be inspired.

Thailand is a diverse environment filled with the most sincerest of people. As international travel begins to open back…

Life as a Travel Advisor during 2020

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As with millions, I was privileged to have been sent out into the workforce with a master’s degree, a passion for my field, and not an inkling of understanding for what was to come just one year forward. As with many, relentless pursuit of job opportunities and externships bombard the minds of the most soon-to-be graduates of university. What job will I fit well within? How can I find an opportunity that not only allows for me to excel but for me to contribute with such little experience and a myriad of degrees?

Being offered a job within a field…

Emily Rose

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